Encountering the Boundless

It is impossible to embrace and comprehend the
                                                    Infinite Universe
With the limited “ego”;
All is experienced in total silence,
Free from time – the being and the mind are newly born.

Thus, I am Immensity, in perpetual movement,
In Unity with the Whole – a creative structure –
I see, feel and act in perfect union with the Sacred,
I use language to describe Wisdom.

One with the Boundless, I am Happiness,
A divine gift, with no support in the thought process;
Happiness has no motives – a supreme satisfaction,
To which, consciously or unconsciously, each human being aspires.

                                                                          Ilie Cioara
Excerpt from The Wondrous Journey : Into the Depth of Our Being

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  1. thank you for sharing your thoughts :))) very nice