The Sacred or God is the Source of Life; It breathes energy and life into the whole existence. It permeates all and everything as Absolute Love. It has no beginning, It was not created by anyone and It will never die. It was, is and will always be immortal Existence, through Itself and by Itself.

            It contains both the quality of stillness, as well as that of eternal movement. It affirms Itself as Beauty, Kindness and limitless Love. It does not force, impose or compel anyone or anything, for Its patience is infinite. Both in the case of human beings, as well as with everything that exists, It does not impose Its authority or law, because in Its quality as Perfection It gives everyone freedom and, when needed, It helps the whole of creation satisfy its basic necessities.

            The imaginary individual mind cannot encounter It, in any circumstance, because the “ego” cannot encompass that which is all-encompassing. Separating from It or trying to understand It with the knowing mind are acts of impiety.

            Only the Sacred can affirm: “I Am”. The rest are and will always remain mere fantasies of the mind.

                                                                                               Ilie Cioara

           Excerpt from Life Is Eternal Newness